9 Easy Tips to learn Coding for Beginners

9 Easy Tips to learn Coding for Beginners

Coding is one of the professional skills that are needed in the world of work. The good news is that learning to code is now not only limited to college or similar formal education. You can learn it in many ways.

Companies are now increasingly looking for people who have coding skills. The reason is none other than this skill that plays an important role in website and software development as well as computer programming.

Want to also feel wanted by a prestigious company? Here are 8 tips to learn coding for those of you who want to have this skill.

1. Understand the basic concepts of coding

Before learning various programming languages, you must understand the five concepts that form the basis of coding. These basic concepts include:

Variable. These are values, numbers, character strings, or memory addresses that allow programmers to write programs.

Control structure, which is a series of programming blocks that analyze variables and determine the next direction.

Data structure. It is a special format for analyzing and storing data for a specific purpose.

Tools, or a set of computer programs needed to create, maintain, support, and debug other programs or applications.

2. Choose a programming language

The programming language you choose depends on the purpose of coding itself. So, first determine the purpose of coding so that you can choose a programming language as well as a learning resource that will be used.

The programming language used to build a site is certainly different from that for mobile game designers.

Fortunately, most coding languages ​​have similar basic concepts that even beginners can apply.

3. Learn programming languages ​​one by one

When learning to code as a beginner, you should focus on learning one type of programming language before learning another. This is so that you don’t get confused or mix up various kinds of syntax.

Start by learning simple programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, or HTML/CSS.

However, you may need to learn HTML and CS at the same time if you plan on developing your site. The reason is, these two programming languages ​​usually need to be used simultaneously.

4. Learn the basics of every programming language

Learning any programming language should start from the basics. For example, if you want to learn Python, try starting with the introduction and tutorial sections.

Break down a large project into simpler steps. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few days learning one step before starting another. Once you’ve mastered the tutorial, try deleting it again and start over.

5. Take a coding course

Various online courses are now available for users who want to learn coding from the ground up. The forms of online courses are very diverse, ranging from text-based, video tutorials, to the most recent form of interactive courses.

Interactive courses are even more effective because of hands-on practice on specific material.

You can try learning for free through sites like Codecademy, Code.org, KhanAcademy, and even Scratch which can be used by all ages.

There are so many platforms that provide learning to code, you can also take a free Docker course recommendation or register for an online course through Udemy.

Where EKRUT in collaboration with Udemy presents a variety of courses including coding courses.

6. Learn coding made by others

You can find code snippets easily because coding and programming is open source that can be accessed by everyone. Try to find a simple code, then observe the following aspects:

Is the method used in each line coding effective?
Is there an error in the code snippet?
How to change a code to change its function?

7. Learn coding through online games

This may be a fun thing as a learning coding tips. Because you can learn Android coding while learning it through online games created by developers.

Many online games are now based on JavaScript, C++ and Java programming languages, for example Counter Strike, Angrybirds, Polycraft, Football Pro and so on.

Through this online game, you can learn the game design and the difficulties that the developers in the game pose.

8. Learn coding from books

Although classified as conventional, through books you can learn free Indonesian coding which you can get in the library where you live or books that you borrow from friends.

There are many programming books that you can find. Some of them are Elizabeth Tweedale’s book ‘Coding makes a program’ which has been translated into Indonesian translation. Then there is the book ‘Learning Android Coding for Beginners’.

9. Find a mentor

There are many programming communities that you can join. By joining these communities, you can meet many programmers and developers who you can make discussion friends or even mentors in the process of learning coding.

Their experience, advice and feedback will add to the knowledge and experience of learning coding for beginners like you.

It is possible that after you become reliable, it is your turn to be a mentor for other beginners.

Basically, there is no best learning coding method that can be applied to everyone.

You need to be familiar with various programming languages ​​from a wide variety of learning resources in order to find what you are comfortable with.

Learning coding and programming also takes time and patience, but the results will pay off with good skills.

So, don’t give up and continue to develop your potential.